Water Filtration

Water Filtration System
There are numerous water filtration systems available today and are relatively inexpensive and simple to fit. With the water quality in Ireland constantly coming into question it is becoming more common for people to install a water filtration system to protect their family from harmful bacteria and chemicals often found in today’s water. Depending on the water problems or the individuals concerns on water quality, there is a water filtration system to suit all.
Not all water filters are exactly the same, as not all water problems are exactly the same either. Sometimes one water filter can solve the problem or it could be a combination of water filters. We look after both domestic and commercial sector and we can recommend the best solution.
Whatever your water problem, Mid Cork Pump Services will have a solution where you and your family can enjoy quality safe drinking water for years to come.

Water Purification
Water purification has come a long way over the past number of years. Medical and science labs have always required a certain quality of water as well as big industries and now water purifiers are available for domestic use. The removal and freeing of water from all types of impurities, contaminants, odours, tastes and micro organisms is called water purification.

Water Softener
A Water Softener installed on your incoming mains will remove the hardness from the water and allow you to enjoy the benefits of soft water. The unit consists of two parts, the first a pressure filled vessel containing a resin and the second a container for the salt. An ion exchange takes place where the calcium and magnesium causing the hardness is softened or replaced with the salt and this is what is known as softened water.
Periodically, depending on how much water is used, the system will regenerate or recharge itself and backwash the calcium and magnesium down the drain. This is a fully automatic process and usually is timed to happen at night. Softened water provides real cost savings in service, maintenance and replacement of water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines and showers and also extends their life.
On average a Water Softener system will use around 1 bag of salt a month and units can be supplied and fitted either in the utility room, outside the back window or inside in the garage. There are many great benefits to using softened water, besides protection of your pipes and electrical equipment including a saving on detergents, cleaning products, brighter clothes, cleaner dishes, sparkling glasses, cleaner taps, no more stains on bathroom fixtures, reduce razor burn, softer skin and hair.

Iron and Manganese Filters
Mid Cork Pump Services provides a number of standard, proven technologies in removing iron and manganese from drinking water. Iron and Manganese is commonly treated with Iron and Manganese Filters. Depending on the quantity of Iron and Manganese in the water, a Manganese Green Sand Filter incorporated into the water filter. These water filters are usually custom built after analyzing the water chemistry in your water source. Commercial and domestic applications are available and depend on the quantity of water required.

PH Correction Filters
In many areas, particularly in mountainous regions you may suffer from a low pH value and as a result this can cause corrosion in water pipes. A simple solution is the installation of a pH Correction Filter that adjusts the pH of acidic waters.
Inside the water filter you will find a substance called calcite, specially activated masses of calcium carbonate that slowly raise the pH of the water. Backwash happens periodically to maintain an optimum performance level. A chemical analysis of the water determines exactly how much is needed to neutralise the water. Signs that your water may have a low pH are a green / blue stain in baths and sinks and in cistern.

UV Filters
We stock a large range of UV filters for the treatment of bacteria etc. UV water treatment offers many advantages over other forms of water treatment for microbiological contaminants. Most importantly, it does not introduce any chemicals to the water, it produces no bi-products, and it does not alter the taste, pH, or other properties of the water. Accordingly, in addition to producing safe drinking water, it is not harmful to your plumbing and septic system. Further, it is easy and cost-effective to install and maintain.


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